never listen to a forecast

I was out at the beach well before sunrise after seeing the 430am ‘clear skies’ forecast on my Weather Channel app.. W-U had the same .. a big miss.. heck made the best of it even without mister sun.. no rain though today– this is good

looking east– NO clear skies in sight
seas building with multiple storms out there
seas crashing
where are the SPOTS
getting ready to throw
nice cast of a 7′ net


low clouds.. you know what that means

just over across the bridge at the causeway this morning.. no sunrise with all the heavy low clouds.. one must adapt.. stopped down at the Calabash Docks for a few snaps.. quiet there also

a Sunrise and a Dog

nice sunrise.. friend’s dog Yodel likes to search the surf for bait.. never stays still…also ‘flies thru the air with the greatest of ease’ so I snapped away.. what appears to be a ‘water snake’– do I really know ??? –I have no idea.. a pair of Turkey Buzzards on the local water tower.. a ‘bird of a different feather’ into the clouds.. and no stinkin’ rain at all today .. ahhhhhhh  GOOD  🙂

John P– you might note that is your friend Noelle and her dog Yodel

as always.. CLICK on any pic to make it larger

small Panorama


Noelle and Yodel

Yodel trying to ‘catch some rays’
a lil’ exercise
water snake ??
WoodStork over the Lake
Turkey Buzzards on the water tower

clouds.. the good.. the bad

clouds make for a nice sunrise adding depth and color to an otherwise flat sky..  always nice to see what formations occur..a stop at the local lake.. snapped a couple of my ‘buddies’ getting some rays early on..  then again clouds can be uglee .. brought in some more rain showers off/on from 11am-1pm today.. but I knew that was gonna happen…too nice of an early morning not to.. 

Panorama with the Note 4
Crepuscular Rays after Sunrise

the Sun makes me smile

Yucca on the Dunes
the ‘big guy’ catching some ‘rays’

his lil’ buddy on lookout patrol

a lone Woodstork on his perch
purple hyacinth (thanx Joelle) floating on the lake reflects sky above
the bad.. the rains came.. 11am downpour

all is well..

we are at the very tail end of the outer bands of Irma a good distance away and east from its center…. we had 5″ of rain total since yesterday afternoon with 4″ since midnite.. ditches are full but slowly flowing out.. Charleston SC about 125 miles to our south got hammered yesterday– storm surge from Charleston Bay flooded the City… stopped raining with the sun out for the rest of the day.. all is well


on this 16th Anniversary of the 9-11 attacks— NEVER EVER FORGET.. a salute to those who lost their lives that infamous day especially the First Responders —Police, Fire, Rescue, EMT—September 11, 2001