Day 12- Lisbon day 1 Happy Halloween

arrived in Lisbon after 2 days at sea ..what a day.. 75* and sunny..decided to take the local 728 bus to downtown.  love this city…met up with the gang downtown at a nice outdoor cafe… been here 3x in the past..  overnite ..then a tour to Fatima tomorrow.. hope everybody gets ‘a-scared’ tonite


Day 11 –at Sea

a nothing sunrise overcast skies in the morning…  sun came out around noon.. winds picked up to 30 knots but a pretty day with a bumpy ride …  a Team Trivia session  after lunch then sat outside on the Lido Deck-aft ..very quiet– no one around  and caught up on the Kindle.. few people out there.. will arrive at 8am in Lisbon for a 2 day– overnite stay..  get to hop the local 728 bus to downtown as we’ve done in the past with a tour out to Fatima on the 2nd day on Wednesday..

Day 10- at Sea

out to sea once again as we sail toward our next port–Lisbon with arrival Tuesday early AM for a 2 day-overnite stay.. a quiet day at sea  and calm.. less wind.. and fairly flat seas.. a nice sunrise … sat out on the Lido Deck-aft for some ‘rays’.. then the fog bank rolled in.. lots of noise from the bridge– wooo woo every 30 seconds as the ship sounded its horn— middle of the ocean but a necessity .. the sun found its way out nicely.. a pleasant sunny morning followed.. Team Trivia at 130pm.. more sun in the afternoon.. Gala nite this evening in the dining room

a wild Panorama Fog Back– Lido Deck-aft

Day 9– Ponta DelGada, Azores

just 150 miles away from yesterday’s stop at Horta and still in the Azores we arrived on time at 8am in Ponta delGada.. having been here a few times in the past we decided to just walk around town after getting some wifi..  nice place..  met the President of Portugal walking the streets.. nice guy..everybody loves him.. lots of photo-ops for everyone in the narrow streets and nearby storefronts.. kewl guy.. afterwards we met some friends downtown for a cappucino-wine-beer stop at a local outside cafe..  our next port will be Lisbon for an overnite 2 day stay on Tuesday  after the next 2 days at of our favorite cities

Panorama from the Lido Deck

 President of Portugal–center

Day 8– Horta, Azores Portugal

land ho.. after 6+ days at sea docked in Horta,Azores Portugal islands after 3 tries due to 30+ knot winds this morning ..walking the small quaint town..  been here a couple of times before..  most all pics on daily posts will be from my Note 4 phone –makes it e-z –as we try to track down wifi hotspots thru Europe… 80d pics for PC and later on.. weather high 60’s cloudy with sun popping out.. no rain so far..  as always  click on any pic to make them larger

Day 7 – at Sea

another quiet day at sea..rainbows once’s calmed down a bit today.. sun was out mid morning and for the rest of the day.. a quik rain squall every now and then that popped up a rainbow or two or three as I got into the act .. turned into a pretty day mid 60’s and sunny .. arrive Horta, Azores, Portugal tomorrow morning– land ho!  .. Veendam Cast singers did a special in the Piano Bar /Mix belted out quite a few songs .. nicely done..

Day 6 -at Sea

NO sunrise this early morning –overcast skies most of the morning with temps only at 65* the rest of the day.. NO rain but a ‘no sit outside’ kinda day.. winds were still up 35-40 knots with ruff seas..supposed to get worse tonite –doesn’t bother us– sporting seas’ ..most of the passengers take it well as most on these longer cruises are old salts–emphasis on ‘olde’  :).. there were however some missing from the dining room at dinner tonite.. more food for us chosen ones 🙂 .. we ate well— Prime Rib.. Team Trivia after lunch.. Pub Trivia after dinner .. a show in the showroom featuring the same group of  3 guys from the other evening– pretty darn good.. 

Day 5–at Sea

a quiet almost non-sunrise with clouds along the horizon.. a bit on the kewler side once again with air temps at 64*F..  decided to pass on getting some ‘rays’on the Lido deck aft until mid morning..  it was still sweatshirt weather & shorts.. a nice Lido boo-fay lunch followed by Team Trivia in the Crows Nest.. Captain advised on his daily briefing that we would be running into some ruff high seas  as the winds picked up to 35-40 kts thruout the day…  our diversion for the Med Evac forced an alternate course into the North Atlantic  to the Azores to get there on time.. previous 12 crossings had us taking a more southerly route back & forth with warmer weather and calmer seas.. .. met up with some friends for happy-hour back in the crows Nest at 4pm before dinner in the dining room..  Pub Trivia followed  then on to the showroom for Jeff the Juggler– hard to believe.. Satellite  internet back to slow as is always the usual.. a bit of Casino action afterwards

Day 4-at Sea

a slightly late sunrise with low clouds..  nice morning  breakfast as we met John & Luke in the Lido boo-fay..  it was off to the Lido Deck aft for a couple of hours of getting some ‘rays’..  the air temps are getting ‘kewler’  high of 72* today..  sunny most of the day with scattered clouds .. off to lunch followed by Team Trivia at 1pm.. 2nd place by one point.. oh well.. back out on the Lido deck catching up on some Kindle reading..  still 1400 miles away from our next port Horta Azores.. last nite’s slight detour to Bermuda for the Emergency Med Evac didn’t make much of a difference..  dinner in the Dining Room followed by Pub Trivia in the Mix.. tonite a Clarinetist in the Showroom–so not sure if I can last thru it.. giving it a try– one must adapt  🙂 🙂  UPDATE—actually  he was pretty darn good ala Benny Goodman.. big band era music.. upbeat.. not bad at all.. 🙂

Day 3–at Sea– a SPECIAL day

Happy 45th Wedding Anniversary to us– onboard the Veendam doing what we like to do best.. cruising.. Asst Dining Room Manager Vincent and the staff in the Dining Room celebrated with us making a special Anniversary Cake.. very very nice.. thank you Vincent– who we know for over 15 years.. super gentleman  🙂

an early morning– earlier than usual as the ship’s clocks jumped ahead 1 hour in a time zone change..  a windy morning up on the Sky Deck-forward .. nice Sunrise..  after a small breakfast  we went out on the Lido Deck-aft for some’ rays’ for the next few hours.. just catching up on some Kindle reading.. not many people take to the deck –this is not a Caribbean cruise..  just before lunch the Captain came on the air with his daily General announcement– that we would be diverting to Bermuda 150 miles NNE of us for a Medical Emergency Evacuation  onboard.. should arrive by 915pm and be back on track to the Azores by midnite.. not sure if this will affect our first port Horta.. but having been there a couple of times in the past no big deal..

UPDATE— arrival Bermuda 9pm…  Pilot-Rescue boat alongside to pick up the Medical Evac.. back on course by 1130pm