brisk at the beach

31* does not do the ‘kewl’ justice as the NE winds at 15-20 sure added to it.. another Wx notice for tonite– ice storm in the forecast the 2nd one in the past 3 days.. hopefully this will miss us like the first one did– stayed offshore and out at sea..


a pretty day.. back at it again

I’m back at it again—nice enuff early morning.. well almost.. 31* at the beach before Sunrise.. turned into a pretty sunny 55* day.. not all that bad

Calabash River reflects colorful sky before Sunrise

Panorama– a lone photog trying to set up for a sunrise pic– a bit late

ICW at the Sunset Beach Bridge after Sunrise

NWS– wrong again

the NWS ( National Weather Service– part of NOAA) was wrong again as they usually are with their weather forecasts..   this time– this was GOOD..  NO Ice Storm .. nada.. zilch.. squat.. low temp was at 30* this early morning..  got up to 41* this afternoon and sunny… the storm ran out to sea and stayed offshore along the coast heading northeast  .. pretty close to us with lots of uglee clouds but we got nuttin’ out of it..  yippee  🙂

heading home

southbound and ‘outta there’.. in Delaware ..left 445am.. yippee ….with a Brooklyn Bagel stop in Sheepshead Bay– loading them up…from a familiar place 🙂 .. a wave bye bye as we past by Coney Island and the old neighborhood from atop the Belt Parkway..

into Va.. so far so good..early morning forecast for I-95 in northern NC showed SNOW ..we shall see… this is one suck ass trip– as always back up this way

1.5 hrs to go as we head toward the coast & home..NO SNOW..yippee.. heard Long Island might get blasted with more snow than predicted on Saturday.. glad I’m the heck outta that zoo

caught caught Ringalevio 1 2 3.. 1 2 3.. 1 2 3   circa 1950’s Brooklyn…..hay Margaret and Peter check this out and click on it — look at the 3rd paragraph from the top  —   HOME free all.. got in at 440pm.. raining 41*.. beats the alternative– driving in an ice storm..all is good

BTW.. 38 days to go and da’ HEAT be with us–for 48 days 😜😜

Delaware Rt 1 Bridge
Annapolis Bay Bridge
James River Bridge Richmond
Ft Lee, Petersburg Va
Chesterfield County Hopewell Va  I-295
Long Island weekend Wx Forecast

breakfast for nine

the ‘Chef’ puts on a 2 hour breakfast show for the nine(and a half) of us.. superb.. weather– rain rain having the white stuff falling

our nephew Frank cookin’ it up

3 dozen eggs

6#’s bacon

a breakfast feast

Jordanna and Brooke

‘Uncle Dan’ catchin’ some Z’sssss

getting there

let it begin

‘on a winter’s day’..  first day of winter at 1128am.. like I didn’t friggin know … I somehow got here in the northeast in a place called Joisey..  countdown begins.. as per the usual when I’m up here ..time to leave yet.. first day of winter hit 39*…at least the sun was shining and NO snow.. on to Long Island tomorrow for more of a winter’s stay