Super Blue Blood Eclipse Moon and the Sunrise.. an event

 …for once the clouds stayed away for an ‘event’.. out of the house by 445am.. over to the end  of the island at 40th street for a clear view of the western sky.. alone there until the peeps came by with their car lights on–like flashbacks fishing the Point on the OBx–arrrrggghhhh .. they smartened up after some dirty looks ..I was nice   waited until the Moon set at 711am after a partial eclipse .. then drove down to the pier area a few blocks away  for the Sunrise at 712am.. craziness.. all handheld using the door of my truck as my ‘tripod’ for the Moon pics..    28* is not gonna cut it.. brrrrrr.. on the drive home had to stop to ‘wet a line’ at the Lake — just because  🙂 🙂

Partial Eclipse at 648am

almost bye bye at 711am
Sunrise at 712am

‘wet a line’ at the Lake


they got it wrong– again

the rain stopped last nite.. forecast for the overnite and thru today.. clear skies.. Uncle Weatherbee –WRONG again.. out before sunrise– over to the beach ..clouds and more clouds.. never got out of my truck…. stopped for a short-short at the ICW.. quik pic- at least I salvaged something .. and yop .. a scurrying squirrel heading up the tree with a Pelican sitting on the Waterway.. some light rain as I got back to the house.. then of course it cleared up sunny but ‘kewl’ all day.. 

 a bummer for TV watching tonite…SOTU by the POS in the White House on all’s an ‘info link’ ..
How to Stream the State of the Union Address  this is how Calvin streams the SOTU  .. way to go Calvin   🙂 🙂

pizza and the birds..

 with all this rain today sunrise was a bust…  while shopping down in Myrtle Beach this early afternoon sitting in the truck watching some guy drop a nice slice of pizza to the ground.. he leaves it there and walks away… in a flash every gull around had ‘dibs’ on it.. grabbed the camera and snapped away..a couple of Geese had nothing to munch on after the gulls ‘beat feet’.. the last pic and see the pizza.. look close.. rain for today and Monday then cooling off with sun sun sun

they left us none
look close and the pizza is there.. what’s left of it

beautiful day

morning after early morning 30* before sunrise.. wind picked up a smidge today .. Dolphins just beyond the surf and around the pier.. nice to see them once again.. over to the Veteran’s Park at the ICW for some birds.. ‘wet a line’ at the Lake.. nada.. nice sunny day once again.. low 50’s

a few early morning snaps

at the beach as per my usual for the sunrise..  kewl 30’s morning.. got up to low 50’s and sunny for the day.. down to Myrtle once again  meeting old friends for lunch and back to their condo for the day to shoot the breeze and catchup on old times.. nice day

an Osprey swoop

okay.. forecast at 430am was for 41* with CLEAR skies.. not over the water it wasn’t.. clouds so no sunrise.. stopped on the way back at the Lake to ‘wet a line’.. no Eagle this morning.. saw an Osprey fly off his perch and head toward the Cormorant sitting in the Lake across from me.. dropped my rod and grabbed the camera.. right over the Cormorant he swooped in for some breakfast.. thought it was a Largemouth Bass at first — forked tail though.. after looking at the pics looks like a Bluerunner or some kind of Jack.. that golf course lake has a pipe that goes under the road and lets out into the saltwater Intracoastal Waterway just across the road.. so you get a mix of both freshwater and saltwater fish.. even blue crabs .. the Pelican joined in afterwards

the ‘swoop in’
Cormorant couldn’t believe it
up up and away

not a good sunrise—ugh

a pretty morning..

off to the beach.. then on to the lake on the drive home  … a Juvenile Bald Eagle pays a visit..a bit on the ‘kewl’ side but turned into a nice day mid 50’s and sunny

juvenile Bald Eagle at the Lake
Red- Winged Blackbird
Pelican flyover at the Lake