Day 25– Honolulu day 3

with our scheduled port at Nawiliwili cancelled due to high seas and strong winds creating unsafe conditions  we stayed in port in Honolulu for our second overnite.. it was out on the town for some shopping with a stop at Costco thrown in… weather was not as nice as yesterday so not a beach day for us today..


Day 24–Honolulu- day 2

sun stayed out most of the day so off we went to do the ‘touron’ thingy at Waikiki Beach downtown Honolulu–why not.. looks like we’ll be staying one more overnite in port in Honolulu tonite– 3 days total– Captain announced tomorrow’s port–Nawiliwili- had to be cancelled due to a forecast of 20′ seas and high winds near the port entrance early tomorrow morning and unable to dock there..

Day 23–Honolulu-day 1

arrived Oahu in Honolulu.. still overcast.. on a tour to the North Shore once again.. many stops along the way….stopped for photo-ops in a couple of beaches..  then on to a famous along the road shrimp-shack–Fumi’s– for a local’s lunch .. continued on to the North Shore stopping at Sunset beach and Turtle Bay and the Bonzai Pipeline.. all with 1-2’waves not like last time here.. our last stop was the Dole Pineapple Plantation store..  then back to the ship by 330pm..  a nice day despite the lack of sun.. day 2 in Honolulu tomorrow as we spend an overnite here

Day 22– Hilo

arrival in Hilo, Hawaii much earlier than expected at 3am  due to a passenger medical evacuation that was needed..  along with that—raining— so the weather continues its bad run since leaving San Diego 5 days ago…  no tours today…  a walk about town with some shopping thrown in.. soggy

Day 21–at Sea

on this our final sea day before reaching Hilo tomorrow morning.. the weather forecast for Hilo is not so nice– rain rain and more rain thruout the day tomorrow..  no tours scheduled for us and since we’ve been here before just have to ‘wing it’..

Day 19– at Sea

temps finally rising as we sail WSW toward Hilo, Hawaii on this our 3rd day of 5 days at sea.. cloudy early morning skies put a ‘kabosh’ on any hopes of a sunrise.. a couple of rain squalls in between periods of sun thruout the morning turned into a big positive photo-op with a Rainbow lasting longer than it normally would.. nice.. and yop I said ‘kabosh’

Day 18– at sea

sailing day #2  of 5 days at sea heading west toward Hilo, Hawaii..  still ‘kewl’ temps 58* at 530am on deck waiting for the non-sunrise with all the clouds..  so much for that warm offshore California sun.. what a crock.. nice quiet day though

Day 17–at Sea

after leaving San Diego last evening the seas that were calm the past few days are now .. wow big..  18′ seas 35-40 mph north winds on our 5 days at sea as we sail toward Hawaii.. at the Pinnacle Grill for a nice dinner with Cruise Director Keri and  ACD Ben who we have sailed with a number of times before.. they sure make for a nice couple… … great dinner with good friends..