back home and a Sunrise

back home and finally a nice sunrise after a few cloudy-overcast early mornings.. 70’s and sunny today.. pretty day

reflections in the backwaters before sunrise

walking off the beach onto the Dunes walkway


Ft Lauderdale–enroute Home

a great cruise comes to an end this early morning as we say goodbye to our good friends and a crew who were top notch..  now for the drive home..  a better way to look at it—only 54 days to go 🙂

Day 48–Half Moon Cay

arrival at Half Moon Cay, Bahamas, Holland America’s private island at 7am just at sunrise.. we left the ship on the local tender by 9am.. what a pretty day… water was nice and refreshing .. a beautiful beach as always.. sun was out.. blue skies.. .. a wow day.. hated to leave on this our last stop before heading to Ft Lauderdale tomorrow morning and the drive home..

Day 47–at Sea

beautiful early morning as we sail 15 miles off the east coast of Cuba on our 2nd day at sea toward Half Moon Cay, Bahamas tomorrow… back on EDT .. flat seas nice breeze 81* and sunny

Day 46–at Sea

a day at sea heading north from Cartagena to the Bahamas.. bumpy and windy –in the 80’s.. it was dinner at the Pinnacle once again our 8th time there this cruise.. great dinner as always

Day 45– Cartagena

arrival on time 12 noon Cartagena .. just at the complex having been here over a dozen times in the past.. at the Aviary behind the shops..well done with an assortment of Tropical Birds ..and Monkeys..most just hanging around no cages.. tomorrow starts 2 days at sea before our next port–Half Moon Cay, Bahamas..only a few days left.. way too fast..I need a cruise

Day 44– Panama Canal

an early morning before sunrise arrival at the head of the pack as passenger ships get priority.. somehow we got delayed about an hour to start the transit.. should take our ship from about 730am when we enter to 4pm when we arrive on the Caribbean side near the city of Colon..always a fascinating crossing no matter how many times we’ve done it–this being our 7th round-trip thru the Canal and back…. 93* with the skies turning partly cloudy  in the afternoon.. hot hot hot

internet slow.. pics will follow later

Day 43– at Sea

a day at sea as we travel down the west coast of Costa Rica toward our next destination–the Panama Canal –arrival there tomorrow early morning..  it was a late morning Mariners ceremony in the Lounge followed by our reserved table at the Mariner’s lunch..  afternoon trivia– after 3 wins in a row we came in 2nd today..  Pinnacle Grill with our friends Mel and Nancy –great dinner with my usual 10 ounce Filet and Lobster Bisque

Day 42– Puntarenas, Costa Rica

back in town again after 4 weeks… docked a lil’ after Sunrise in Punteranas, Costa Rica—a favorite place.. much ‘kewler’ today–only low 90’s according to the Captain’s forecast   .. 

 Happy St Paddy’s day from Costa Rica–Pura Vida.. a few pics from our walk about town this morning.. nice place–been here a dozen times before.. got up to 93* this afternoon  sunny and ‘cookin’.. love it here