warming up.. hmmmmmmm

well almost…   23* at the beach at Sunrise this morning.. sure beats 14* from yesterday or was it 15*— does it really matter.. brrrrrrr.. 4 people walking with their dogs on the beach– the regulars.. Sunrise not so ‘hot’.. lots of low clouds .. frosty morning.. temps got up to 56* this afternoon and sunny… there is hope– maybe  🙂


cold as a witch’s …

 holy guacamole..15* at the beach this morning..my truck an ‘un-o-fish-al’ 14* …don’t recall it ever being that low in the 27+ years we’ve been down here….out on the beach for about 15 minutes.. a couple of dog-walkers .. bottomline  friggin’ COLD…. pretty sunrise though  🙂 

what a great day to be fishin’ on da’ Pier… BTW the Sunset Beach Park was closed off for the past 3 days.. so was the ICW boat landing fishing Pier.. Lake still frozen over ..  28 days to go for the HEAT– then be gone for a while

Sunset Veteran’s Park ICW
at the bend Rt 179 ICW  Live Oak with Spanish Moss
un-o-fish-al temp 14* in my truck

brrrrrrr at the beach at Sunrise

ahhhh.. a lovely early morning.. at 4am it was 20* and clear here at the house.. then again.. at my nephew’s in Upper Brookville on Long Island it’s at 8*.. some places in Joisey at 6*.. hot coffee is at the ready.. time for a drive to the beach.. still some icy spots on the roads and the smaller bridges. Sunset Beach bridge all clear and dry..

 ‘oh baby it’s cold outside’ –the song rings true.. actually 19* at the beach at Sunrise ..kinda quiet though..a couple of dogwalkers and crazies like moi.. Jim and Darlene and the ‘kids’ — it’s convertible time  .. pretty early morning.. sure didn’t warm up any after the Sun popped up…’I wimp me not’

doesn’t look like a ‘kewl’ 19*.. brrrrrrrr.. or does it   🙂 🙂


Shadows and Lines

Jim and Darlene and the ‘kids’

it’s always Convertible weather at the beach
Panorama on the beach

Note 4 Screen-grab–Pier WebCam and moi

the Big Snow

hard to believe but it’s heading up the coast from Florida.. Tallahassee got snow.. Jax too.. Charleston all day today with snow..  finally arrived here at 6pm — but only for a half hour before it turned to Sleet.. looks like it’ll be an overnite Ice storm with Snow in the mix..  heading up the east coast to the Northeast and turning into a Blizzard– warnings out for the Joisey Coast as well as NYC and Long Island  with 6-12″ forecast… I was at the ready earlier this afternoon–my 4×4 Avalanche all shined up.. my big snow shovel( look close)ready to ‘dig’ us out 🙂

a short video on my You Tube Channel of the snow falling at 6pm tonite
 the BIG SNOW on my You Tube Channel

forecast suxxx.. snow and ice

the emergency weather radio in rare form today spewing out winter storm warnings for the area tomorrow late morning..   2-3″ of snow and at least an inch of ice on top of it.. suxxxxx.. storm takes in northern Florida all the way up the east coast.. who knows what we’ll be getting.. temps at 18* this morning so I passed on going over to the beach for an sunrise.. watched it on the Surf webcam– it looked warm .. got up to a sweltering 35* mid afternoon–and sunny.. 🙂 🙂  over to the beach tonite for the day after the full wolf moon rising.. why not ..only two other crazies came by to watch the moon rise..

Happy New Year 2018

wishing all my family and friends a very Happy and Healthy New Year– 2018

BTW.. I snapped this pic on Nov 20 2017 4pm on our last cruise while in Valletta, Malta a beautiful enjoyable and ‘favorite’ island in the Med.. it was #1 in a series of 4 pics I took of the Cannon Saluting Battery.. have snapped it before having been there 4x in the past.. the Cannon Saluting Battery does this salute over the Harbor 2x a day at 12noon and 4pm… taken with my Canon 80d + 15-85 lens

brisk at the beach

31* does not do the ‘kewl’ justice as the NE winds at 15-20 sure added to it.. another Wx notice for tonite– ice storm in the forecast the 2nd one in the past 3 days.. hopefully this will miss us like the first one did– stayed offshore and out at sea..

a pretty day.. back at it again

I’m back at it again—nice enuff early morning.. well almost.. 31* at the beach before Sunrise.. turned into a pretty sunny 55* day.. not all that bad

Calabash River reflects colorful sky before Sunrise

Panorama– a lone photog trying to set up for a sunrise pic– a bit late

ICW at the Sunset Beach Bridge after Sunrise

NWS– wrong again

the NWS ( National Weather Service– part of NOAA) was wrong again as they usually are with their weather forecasts..   this time– this was GOOD..  NO Ice Storm .. nada.. zilch.. squat.. low temp was at 30* this early morning..  got up to 41* this afternoon and sunny… the storm ran out to sea and stayed offshore along the coast heading northeast  .. pretty close to us with lots of uglee clouds but we got nuttin’ out of it..  yippee  🙂