2 days in a row

…the fish were biting at the Lake and Pond just after sunrise—this is getting whacked.. a quiet beach earlier at Sunrise.. a nasty thunderstorm with 60mph winds blasted thru later in the evening.. plenty of rain.. didn’t last that long thankfully


beach..birds.. fish and goats

with temps on the ‘kewler’ side at 53* before Sunrise  I made my way over to the beach on this pretty spring morning..  more people than I thought would be there as the weekend touron-season starts.. stopped at the ICW boat landing pier under the bridge .. with low tide hardly any water  up close.. wet a line.. nada.. down to the lake and pond nearby where I caught a couple of lil’ LMB on a black spinnerbait once again… it’s nice every now and then to make the rod bend..

low-low tide

red-winged Blackbird
LMB at the pond on black spinnerbait

Goats on Goat Island.. they’re still around
Goats ‘on the move’
Green Heron at the pond

quiet again.. and Woody

over to the beach before Sunrise as always..  on the drive home stopped at the lake and wet a line.. nada.. it shut down after last week’s catches..

pigeons.. and a buddy on da’ Pier

da’ Pier awaits.. all is quiet at Sunrise

pair of American Coots at the Lake

Woody up high in my front yard

40th Street at the beach.. ICW.. and da’ Bridge

this morning.. no one around except for some dog-walkers well west of me on the beach..  snapped some sunrise pics.. then it was off to the ICW to wet a line.. nada.. the only things that were biting were the no-see-ums.. I didn’t even get out of the truck at the lake they were so bad..  a lil’ bit of nostalgia– stopped at the Old Bridge Museum to snap a few pics.. and a few pics from ‘yesteryear’..

accident– car into the ICW  April 2004

deer crossing the road

and blackbirds on the beach in the surf..  driving my truck just before sunrise always on the lookout for the small group of deer in the area as they make their way onto the dunes.. at least they follow the ‘beach access’ signs..

in the suds

just a ‘funny’

beach and lake at sunrise

a nice Sunrise at the beach.. ocean water temps still at 55* so not wasting my time wetting a line in the surf..  stopped at the Lake on the drive home.. caught 2 Largemouth Bass on a black Wal Mart $1 spinnerbait..  a nice morning ..

Myrtle Beach Oldies Car Show

was supposed to be heading down to Myrtle Beach for the annual Oldies Car Show today.. Rain.. Rain and more Rain in the early morning.. ugh..friggin’ suxxxx..  I took a chance & headed down  to the Car Show anyway..rain had stopped.. wow– the crowds were there so it was hard to take many ‘clean-pics’ of the cars but I did manage to snap around 300 .. over 3k cars on display at the old Myrtle Beach Mall ..the Mall itself is long since razed with just a wide open field left.. good show as always..

from My SmugMug albums site– 11 pages of pics 

 here’s the Pee Dee Street Rodders site– they are the host Car Club  http://peedeestreetrodders.com

                   and these pics– a different take with some minor editing/post-processing