a pretty early morning at the beach

finally a sunrise after 11 days of cloudy..overcast.. and foggy early mornings since we’ve been back home from our cruise.. could use a bit of HEAT 31* and frosty at the beach–no wind.. a nice morning though.. one more day

Panorama at Sunrise

‘boids’ a/k/a Pigeons in flight at Sunrise
a nice morning– I’m Happy
a steamy-looking Sunrise
sun reflections

cold air moves back in

..as it was back to reality for December as overcast skies and cold 34* temps raised their uglee heads as I made my way over to the beach before yet another non-sunrise.. this afternoon’s temp had a high of 44* for a short while as it was back into the high 30’s by mid-afternoon.. not much going on at the beach as just a few walkers and disappointed picture-takers showed up.. and not a dog-walker in sight as the cold dreary weather kept all of them away for yet another day

what a week of early morning cold temps…

and non-sunrises..  down to 27* a couple of early mornings .. a 24* morning thrown in there also..  the past 2 days I headed over to the beach before sunrise –which wasn’t…. heavy pea-soup fog today much worse than yesterday but temp was at 61* early.. both days turned nice with sunny blue skies  mid-morning with today’s temps getting to 75*.. not too shabby for December

finally 61* at the non-sunrise
heading to the Island on the Bridge

 online Pier-Cam

where’s da’ Pier

Merry Christmas at the house
screenshot of moi at the Pier-Cam

enroute HOME–Ft Lauderdale

our ship arrived in Ft Lauderdale before 6am with cloudy skies and 69* temps..  a bit cooler than expected..  we were off the ship by 830am went thru customs in the terminal and boarded our Hertz shuttle Bus to pick up our one way rental van for the drive home.. we were ‘on the road’ by 915am heading northbound on I-95 ..  a couple of pit stops for lunch and later on for dinner in Charleston and we were home by 10pm 689 miles later.. with 27* temps for overnite lows…brrrrrrrr..  NOT NICE ugh!

Day 42–Half Moon Cay, Bahamas

a beautiful arrival before sunrise at our anchorage just off the beach at Holland America’s private island in the Bahamas–Half Moon Cay…  a pretty sunrise over the island that was a welcomed site after sailing for 7 days at sea..  I was off by myself on the first tender to walk the island as I usually do having been here 40x before..  camera in hand I made off on the trek to the west end  a near 2 mile walk along the beach..  no one around.. it was great as I snapped away..  having reached the far west end I turned back and began my walk to meet up with Pat.. Denise and Tom who all came over on  later tenders around 9am..  grabbed a spot and some beach chairs and relaxed .. a nice long dip in the warm blue ocean water in a paradise setting..’it don’t get no more better-er than that’.. what a day… some time out for the island’s BBQ lunch hosted by the ship’s staff.. then back on to the beach and some more ‘in the water’.. a nice quiet relaxing peaceful day with no crowds.. just a wow kinda day  .. the cruise ends tomorrow morning as we set sail at 4pm for Ft Lauderdale about 270 miles away

As always.. click on the pics to make them larger

an off-duty crew member having some fun
flipping over backwards into the water

the famous  HMC’s roosters & family

Day 41–at Sea

day 7 at sea as we near our next Port–Half Moon Cay for tomorrow.. a long sail across ..  today is Pearl Harbor Day.. remember those who gave their lives for all of us on that dreadful day in 1941

Day 40–at Sea

day 6 at sea on our journey westbound across the Atlantic.. large swells continue to make this crossing ‘sporting’ for some.. temps are in the high 70’s which makes for some nice lounging on the Lido Deck-aft..a quiet day to relax

Day 39–at Sea

our cruise is winding down fast… 42 days sure does go fast these days..  not long enuff .. a dull sunrise this early morning with plenty of heavy low clouds along the horizon.. 2 hours out back on the Lido Deck aft to get some rays.. Wii Team Bowling before lunch put us in 1st place –we won…  Team Trivia after lunch..followed by Name That Tune in the Showroom with the ship’s singers doing Show Tunes and Movie songs..Pub Trivia with Andy was a bust–based on a BBC documentary–not my cup of tea…. nice show in the main showroom with the UK sining group  tonite followed by Name that Tune in the Ocean Bar

Day 38–at Sea

this our 4th day at sea sailing  midway between Europe and Half Moon Cay  , Bahamas our next port of call..a non-sunrise turned into yet another beautiful sunny blue skies day with late afternoon winds picking up.. it was more time on the Lido deck aft for catching some more rays and some kindle reading..Team Trivia in the early aftenoon as we got a ‘bye-day’ in the Wii Team Bowling Tournament..after an early dinner it was off to Pub Trivia followed by a comedian in the showroom ..  nice quiet day at sea