a quiet winter ends with COLD COLD COLD.. c’mon SPRING


white flakes in the forecast

snow is in today’s forecast.. actually a rain/snow mix… what in the world am I doing here.. pics to follow if it all happens.. Update:  Wx Channel app had us getting SN*W just after noon.. nope .. not a flake seen.. not a chance of a sn*wman

the sky was lit up before sunrise

on fire it was.. and you know what that usually means.. ‘red sky in the morning.. sailor take warning’.. some rain is on its way.. well worth it.. over to the Lake on the drive back home.. wet a line.. a waste of time –it’s spawning season for the Largemouth Bass..  Mr Gator was swimming along.. then at the golf cart bridge he didn’t like me getting so close so under water he went in a hurry..   he did surface to lie out in the sun on the grassy point near the T-box..  Mr Cardinal added some color to my blog.. nice of him..  just after I arrived home a little before 8am.. a 5 minute downpour just to get my truck wet and dirty with a mix of water and pollen.. soon solved .. clouds for a little while then it was up to 70* and sunny most of the day

before sunrise at the Calabash River
along the causeway headed to the beach

just after sunrise clouds moved in fast
look close.. Mr Gator takes a dive

Mrs Osprey enjoying her sushi breakfast
and continues to munch away
as Mr Osprey checks out what’s above

he’s back up again headed to his grassy spot


he’s all settled in for the day of sunshine

he’s happy smiling away

a touch of red for with Mr Cardinal at the lake

pretty it is.. the sun

as per my usual over to the beach at 41* as the temps dropped from yesterday’s early morning 62*.. ogh well.. it did warm up nicely thruout the day with plenty of sunshine and 72*.. can’t bitch about that.. watching the Osprey family once again at the Lake..

American Coots at the Lake

Osprey with a morning ‘catch’

‘Live Oak’ tree at the Intracoastal Waterway

a pretty sushi morning

over to the beach before Sunrise..  but too many low high and eveything clouds .. a check on the Mr & Mrs Osprey & family at the Lake on the drive home.. more sushi for breakfast.. and they shared it nicely.. what a family.. as for the rods.. 104 and counting.. they must be multiplying.. last I counted it was at 75.. 126 is the reel count.. dayum–time goes by fast

a beachy quiet early morning

headed over to the beach before Sunrise as I got back into my usual routine after the cruise..  quiet..quiet..quiet.. on the drive back home it was a stop at the Lake to wet a line and snap a few pics of the Osprey family as they get ready to finish their new nest.. a few deer out & about on the island.. yellow pollen greeted my Black Avalanche this morning.. for the next few weeks— ‘Yellow is the new Black’


yellow pollen on da’ Black

get out that ‘California-Duster’

da’ Froggy is laughin’+

enroute Home–Ft Lauderdale

an early arrival followed by 4 mega-ships in Port Everglades-Ft Lauderdale made for a slow disembarkation as we got ready to disembark at the end of a great cruise ..  left the port at 930am and arrived home at 830PM so not a bad drive..

Day 21–At Sea

well it had to happen.. ruff seas after 20 days of perfect weather made for a bumpy ride back toward Ft Lauderdale today as we skirted the northwest coast of Cuba about11 miles offshore.. winds at  40 kts from the NE..  still a nice day overall with a nice double-Rainbow just after sunrise

Day 20– Cozumel

not where we were supposed to be today.. Captain advised yesterday afternoon due to projected severe 40 mph winds in Key West on Saturday. he decided to divert overnite and head over here to Cozumel.. another pretty day 84* & sunny skies as we docked with a late 1130am arrival.. headed downtown to Las Palmeras restaurant our favorite here after many times in the past.. a great lunch with a walkaround downtown.. we are scheduled to depart at 1030pm..  Oasis of the Seas docked across from us all day left at 6pm while we were in our dining room eating dinner.. a lil’ while ago at 8pm it suddenly returned with an ambulance waiting on the dock for a med-evac emergency…